Duvet Bamboo

For a wonderful sleeping experience choose Bamboo Duvets
Our Bamboo Duvets are  lightweight so that you get a fantastic drape around your body as you sleep, they are, super soft and silky. The Duvet ‘floss' filling is 100% Bamboo Fibre and the shell covering is 100% bamboo fabric so you get the full Bamboo Sleeping effect which gives you

  • Bamboo is 3 times more absorbent than cotton and is grown naturally

  • It wicks away moisture from your body keeping you warm in winter, cool in summer

  • Bamboo is anti-static and hypoallergenic

  • Bamboo is very dust mite resistant

  • It is light weight, for comfort sleeping

  • Bamboo Duvets,  ideal for those who suffer night sweats & who overheat at night

  • Allergies to dust mites & other allergens, much reduced when sleeping in Bamboo

  • Soft Bamboo offers relief to people with eczema & other irritating skin conditions


Material: 100% coton twill,plain
Filling: 100% bamboo/ 50% polyester fiber
color: any color
Packaging Details:PVC bag + Insert with carton or PE bag with carton
You can select different fabric, different filling, different styles.